Betfair Poker Migration

Client: Betfair
Launch: September 2006
URL: no longer live

wizard_optionscreenWe pitched for and won this business with gambling superstar startup Betfair. The project was to work with them on a series of initiatives to help migrate existing Betfair poker players from their existing Cryptologic powered software to a new product wholly owned by Betfair. From a business perspective this move was an obvious and sensible one, however from a customer perspective the change risked upsetting a lot of their users – a problem in a market with so many attractive alternatives. Add to this a date and time when their whole system would switch from one software to another and you have the makings of a juicy communications problem to solve.

Our solution was to develop a series of tools and a website that would communicate the changes, the benefits of switching and reminders of when it was happening. This including the migration website, tutorials on how to use the new software and the ‘Intelligent Installer’ an application that could be installed on the user’s PC which would wait until the cutover date then would automatically un-install the old software and migrate to the new the next time the user wanted to play. The project also included developing exclusive video content to be delivered via the new software which entailed sending a film crew to LA to shoot Betfair Poker team take on the WSOP.

Although I don’t have numbers I do know that Betfair considered this strategy a success and they continued to work with us on a number of projects after this.