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The design of the first Dreamarena (exclusive web-portal for Dreamcast owners) presented many new challenges; it had to work on a brand new platform; the Dreamcast, the UI had to work on a TV and with a new browser; Dreamkey (which was still in development). It also had to be localised into five languages and […]

Dreamcast Europe website

This was the main promotional site for the Dreamcast and contained all the consumer facing information about the product, games etc. With the main priority being development of Dreamarena we contracted the design and build of this site to agency State Design, with me in the role of project manager. Client: SEGA Europe Launch: 1999 […]

Sega Europe website

This was the corporate site for Sega Europe, the intention was to keep the promotional aspects of Dreamcast separate from the business end of the company. I produced this site with in-house design and programmers.Like other areas of the Dreamcast project this site needed to be localised into five languages. Client: SEGA Europe Launch: 1999 […]

Sisqo viral marketing

This was a small project to create a viral marketing campaign for American R&B artist Sisqo to promote his new single ‘The Thong Song’. Our solution was to create ‘Twang-A-Thong’ a Flash4 based game. I designed and developed the game although I’m glad to say credit for the concept goes to Nicola, the account manager […]

Azris Website

Astra Zeneca AZRIS website

This website was commissioned by Astra Zeneca through CTV client Mike Boseley as an information portal for their subsiduary company AZRIS. The brief was to keep the site in line with other corporate sites in the Astra Zeneca stable and to provide infromation about the AZRIS department. Client: Astra Zeneca Launch: 1999 URL: No longer […]

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