Bold Beanies

I just put live a long overdue update to my sister’s company website She makes and sells cotton beanies designed for people that have lost their hair, it’s a small and relatively successful business run from her home in North Wales, but until now has been severely held back by its static and out-of-date website.

Having finally got our acts together to do something about this my sister and I have made a new version – much the same visual design (although I think a facelift is definitely on the cards soon) but now sporting all the functionality she needs to grow her business online.

Bold Beanies now has a CMS, Social and e-Commerce functionality along with enhancements to SEO and Analytics. I’m not much of a developer so I can’t claim this is exactly the Rolls Royce of solutions, but it does make good use of the ever impressive WordPress to provide the basic CMS and the WP-Ecommerce plugin to handle the product side of things – which is much less impressive, but for the most part works. It was pretty straightforward to put together, although I do wonder how long it will be before the limited back-office becomes an issue, and there are some usability issues (mostly around the shopping plugin experience) that I’d like to tackle at some point.

But it must be a about 3 and a half times better than than the old site! so take a look: and while you’re there why not buy a beanie?