Deal or No Deal Live – new features!

CaptureWe’ve put an update live for our social multiplayer version of Deal or No Deal, it includes a number of new features that we’re hoping its small, but loyal, community of fans will enjoy.

The most noticeable change is that we’ve added a feature allowing players to auto-join a match mid-way through (no more hanging around waiting for the next one to start), a counter that keeps tally of how many times you have beaten the Banker – helping players reach a number of in-game awards. Free gifting is a cheeky way of adding chat icons and communicating with other players online, and we’ve updated the way the game connects to the game server – solving some of the connection issues that have plagued the game for some users since its launch December last year.

It’s been a troubled journey for DoND Live so far; the ambition we had for it has not been realised on several levels, and certainly in terms of raw numbers it doesn’t hold up against the kind of social games like Farmville or Mafia wars that you read about all the time. But without any marketing to speak of and a development program that has had a number of fits and starts it’s still holding it’s own with an average of six thousand players a day (45k MAU), all from the UK.

I often joke that I when the day finally comes to leave Endemol I will write the full and shocking story of its creation.. it will probably run to several volumes – so don’t expect anything soon, but I will follow this post up with some further thoughts on the game and how we’re thinking of improving it and broadening its appeal.

It’s a fun and well loved diversion for any tea break – why don’t you give it a go?