I Can Cook

BBC--CBeebies--I-Can-Cook-GOne of my favourite projects from the last couple of years is the game we made for the BBC Cbeebies show I Can Cook (produced by Endemol Initial ..by Chris Pilkington; who if you don’t know produced Take Hart back when I was a boy; what a hero!) . It’s one of the few recent projects that we have developed entirely in-house at EDM, and this fact on its own is enough to make me a happy chap (the truth is I much prefer hands on production to managing 3rd party agencies, which is increasingly what I get up to these days).

The game is designed to complement the I Can Cook show by providing a range of interactive recipes for our young (3-6 yr old) audience to engage with. Players are encouraged to mimic various actions and activities necessary to create the recipes on screen, for example we have stirring, chopping, breaking eggs.. etc.  All the recipes are taken from real ones used in the show and in this way kids are able, in some small way, to take part in learning about cooking and engage with the show, even if they can’t always get their hands messy in the kitchen.

We’ve just finished a set of 5 new recipes to complement the 5 from the first version launched last year – these have just gone live on the BBC website. We were lucky enough to get one of my favourite designers, Matt McFaul (@Jambamatt), back in to put together the visuals/animation and @TrevorBoyle returning to fiddle about with the code. I think they’ve done a great job on what is fast becoming one the Cbeebies best loved games.