mapping ITV’s Australian Balloon Adventure

ABAWe recently put out some show support content for ITV’s Stephen Tompkinson’s Australian Balloon Adventure. As the name suggests the show follow’s TV’s Stephen as he undertakes several balloon trips across Oz culminating with his team taking part in a ballooning competition. We worked with ITV, the show’s producers Tiger Aspect (a fairly recent addition to Endemol UK’s group of production companies) and the Australian Tourist Board to develop an interactive map that follows the balloonists’ journey. It complements each show with additional content, video diaries and journals written on the road.

I put together the IA and some creative direction (of the map, unfortunately not the website!), but while we’re dishing out credits the real one’s should go to Neil (PM), Alex (art director) and @TrevorBoyle for Flash, who all did a great job. Check out the site – the map’s fun and complements the show nicely ..and the show’s not bad either, one for the ‘older viewer’ perhaps, but with some stunning photography in places -  especially if you catch in HD!