more ROAR for series 6

roar_2The new series of CBBC’s ever popular ROAR got started this week and, accordingly, a new update for our online game has been rolled out too. We’ve added a load of new content and features including a new habitat (British Countryside), new animals, treats and cheat codes, new ‘Furry Facts’ video content for each of the 30 or so animals in the game (including some great footage taken from the BBC Natural History archive). Also in this release we’ve added a brand new feature ‘Feeding Time’ – where presenters Rani and Johnny take a closer look at how animals are fed in the wild and captivity, and we also see the return of the ROAR ‘Best Kept Parks’ leaderboard. All in all a great new update, developed again with our partners Fish In A Bottle, should keep our junior park keepers busy until next year.

Play ROAR on CBBC (you’ll need a BBC identity account to play)