Vodafone live website

I worked as Producer and Creative Director on this project to refresh the look and feel of the existing Vodafone live! website in readiness of global launch of 3G data services. The site was to graphically overhauled and a styleguide developed, the intention being that this site would service new and existing 2.5G customers whilst bringing local market versions of the site back in line with the global branding initiatives for Vodafone live!The site makes extensive use of flash demonstrations of the Vodafone live service in action, it was felt that this would be an important means of demystifying the live service for new and existing users alike. The underlying concept was to move on from simply explaining what features like ‘picture messaging’ were and to show just how much easier these things are to do with Vodafone live!

The site was delivered as a kit of parts alongside a styleguide document, this was then offered to each of Vodafone’s local market operators to implement and extend as they saw fit. This was necessary as often the local markets had very different requirements, and in many cases offered differing services.

One of the core aims of the project was to give the various global markets the means to bring their versions of the Vodafone live! website back on-brand whilst still retaining much of the integration with existing CMS structures. I wrote the Vodafone live! 2.5G styleguide to provide the creative and technical instructions, not only to implement the site, but to extend it to suit a variety of purposes.

Client: Vodafone
Launch: September 2004
URL: No longer live