The design of the first Dreamarena (exclusive web-portal for Dreamcast owners) presented many new challenges; it had to work on a brand new platform; the Dreamcast, the UI had to work on a TV and with a new browser; Dreamkey (which was still in development). It also had to be localised into five languages and reflect a pan-european marketing campaign that was also in development at the time.

As well as working on some of the design my main role was to coordinate the various teams working on the production as well as becoming an expert in dealing with the numerous technical challenges this new medium presented

The Dreamcast project involved the localisation of the Dreamcast browser software from its native Japanese into five European languages. This involved working closely with games developers at SEGA as this a very different process to the creation of web-based content.

The project required an understanding of sofware development and a good head for version control as the browser itself was still very much in development at the time.

Client: SEGA Europe
Launch: September 1999
URL: No longer live