Movember 2013

As I write this post we’re just two days off from November 1st and I’m struck again by the sheer energy that goes into making Movember happen – not just from the thousands of Mo Bros and Mosistas that take part, but the work we have been doing behind the scenes, for the last twelve months, to prepare for it.

It remains to be seen if this year’s campaign will top last years, but so far signs are good. In project and production terms, however it easily eclipses previous years.

This year has seen a long shopping list of new features and upgrades made to the website – it’s safe to say not a single section has not been tweaked and optimised further.  One of the bigger changes has been a targeted notification system that uses the member location and demographic information to produce tailor made email comms and a daily update email that rolls together several previous notifications into one highly personalised and engaging one.

Following some success last year we decided early this year to move the project into a much more recognisable Agile process, complete with planning wall, planning poker and iterations. We also upgraded to the latest, Cloud based version of Jira to supply the issue ticketing system for (as of today about 2.5k tickets :-0 ) For the most part it worked, and brought the Movember and IE teams closer together than ever before, working in a more collaborative fashion.

The results have been good, despite a mobile website overhaul which proved to much harder to deliver that it first appeared. This year’s site is bigger and faster than any previous and is set to deliver a great experience for people all over the globe.

 Time to grow that silly mo again…

Launch: September 2013