This Just In…

Justin..And  some breaking news coming from the ‘Internet’ ..I’m finally able to start talking about a cool new site I’ve been producing with Endemol comedy supremos Zeppotron and Channel 4. This Just In… is a website that aims to mix new comedy talent alongside existing big names that will be making up to the minute gags on the day’s breaking news and trending memes.

From September 6th we’ll have a team of comedians, sketch writers and video artists assembled each day turning out headlines, stories, infographics and whatever else they can think of to poke fun at what’s happening in the world.

Channel 4 are living up to their reputation for cutting edge commissioning – this is an online only project with the focus firmly on making the funniest, edgy comedy. They are committed to reaching as wide an audience as possible, that’s why we’ve developed the site to automatically syndicate jokes out through the social network channels of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We want to encourage This Just In’s audience to consume the site’s content in whatever way they find convenient and of course to share it as much as possible.

And making his debut appearance on the site is ‘Justin’ ..a degenerate newsreader character designed by Oggy Hawkins, of the truly terrifying fame (here’s a clue, he’s Bear Grylls). Justin will be dishing out the daily news direct from Endemol towers, or occasionally on location – so watch out for him; he’s always bad news..

The site will be turning out the funnies for three months starting 6th September, so catch it while you can – and don’t miss a gag by following us on:


Twitter @C4ThisJustIn